May 25, 2023

How to measure the success of your B2B video marketing campaign

Read through our guide on how to effectively measure the success of your B2B video marketing campaigns.

 How to measure the success of your B2B video marketing campaign

As you may have read in our blog posts about the importance of B2B video marketing and our 5.5 tips on creating B2B marketing campaigns, a well-executed B2B video marketing campaign is one of the most effective ways for a business to connect with other businesses and promote what they can offer.

Once your video has been sent out into the digital wilderness, though, how do you know whether it’s had an impact? If Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein taught us anything, it’s that creating something from scratch and not considering its subsequent place in the world can only lead to total mayhem. (Perhaps simplifying both the problem and the book, but you get the point.)

To measure the success of your B2B video marketing campaign, you need to see whether it's meeting your goals that, on a grander scale, are supporting your business objectives. In this blog post, we explore how to track, measure, and analyse success, using known metrics — views, engagement, conversions — as well as some others you may not have considered.

Ready, set…

Video takes a lot of time to pull together, so it’s important to have that larger plan built around it that’s both ambitious and flexible — what’s the big business objective you’re supporting and the goals beneath that you’re aiming for? The clearer and more defined you are, the more likely you are to achieve them.

Before you start your B2B video marketing campaign, it can be important to know what sort of engagement you receive on an average, organic, non-promoted social post. Acknowledging that will help you better understand the point you’re starting from, as well as fully tracking your progress with valuable conclusions about the value of your B2B video campaign. It will also tell you how big your budget may need to be to make your campaign an effective one.

Once you get started, there’s no perfect formula. The best approach we’ve found is simple: set the plan, stick with it, check the results as you go, and adjust (channels, lengths, accompanying copy, organic or paid) while your campaign is still running wherever helpful. This gives you the chance to capitalise on what’s working best, as it’s happening.

When the campaign ends, you’ll then have a sample of data to give yourself a better idea of what worked well (and what didn’t) for future B2B video marketing campaigns.


There are metrics galore to focus on when you’re looking through your campaign’s reports — not only on the video itself, but the social posts in which it may have been embedded — so it can be a little overwhelming to work out what you need.

While most of what matters is based on the objectives you initially set, having an eye on everything in the table below should give you some clue to how it’s performing.

Brand Awareness: Impressions, Unique Impressions, Social ActionsWebsite Visits: Click-Through Rate (CTR), Cost per Click (CPC), Conversion Rate, Bounce RateLead Generation: Lead Form Completion Rate, Cost per Lead (CPL), Conversion RateEngagement: Engagement Rate, Social Actions, CommentsVideo Views: Video Views, Video Completion Rate, Cost per View (CPV)Job Applicants: Applies, Cost per Apply, Application Completion RateWebsite Conversions: Conversion Rate, Cost per Conversion, Revenue, Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)Event Promotion: Registrations, Cost per Registration, Attendance Rate

From these, the key metrics to keep in mind are:

Reach — How many people have seen your video?

Engagement — How many people have liked, shared, or commented?

Conversions — How many people have completed the desired action?

Impressions — How many times has it been displayed in total?

Frequency — How many times has each user been shown the ad?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you should have a better all-round understanding of what worked, what didn’t, and where to go next to improve.  

Analyse your B2B video marketing campaigns

Measuring the success of your B2B video marketing campaigns is a vital step for maximising its potential, and the potential of future campaigns you set up. By visiting your social media site’s analytics page and tracking these metrics, you can ensure that your B2B video campaign’s results are as good as they can be.


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