February 27, 2023

How to create a stellar paid campaign

One of our account managers shares his tips on how to create effective paid campaigns in our latest blog post. Read now.

How to create a stellar paid campaign

There are more ways than ever to spread the word about what you do, but we continue to live in a culture where paid advertising spots have clout. Years back, AS SEEN ON TV! was the ultimate brag on the box — nowadays, social media campaigns and Google ads reign supreme. The consumer’s connection between attention and perceived quality has maintained its strength through the ages.

Haris, Transform Digital’s Account Manager, is brilliant at paid campaigns — so much so, in fact, LinkedIn asked how he managed such fantastic results with one of his posts on their own platform.

Here are Haris’ top three tips for creating the best paid campaigns possible.

#1 — Funnels come first.

If you’re attempting to get tonnes of sales through paid campaigns without first building trust in your brand, you may be disappointed with the results. There are lots of different things you’d like to achieve as a company and, as we’ll discuss in a second, understanding where you’re at in your journey and building a multi-layered campaign that invests in building trust with your audience — ahead of notable results in sales — will help to bring your conversion costs down.

Don’t expect paid campaigns to be the sole backbone of your growth and marketing strategy. For the greatest success, combine a range of different tools and content to ensure you reach who you want, with what they want. Want to see how Transform Digital can help? Our services include website and graphic design, SEO, social, and PPC strategies, photography, and videography — so you look good, and perform even better. Check out our range of services.

#2 — Understand your objective.

Whether you’re looking for leads, to drive lots of website traffic, or building brand awareness, choosing the right objective for your paid campaign is vital to its success. Don’t try to do too much in a single post — decide what your focus is to nail each and every step.

Having a clear call to action will also make it easier for the user to interact with your content. They’ll know what to click to get to the information they want.

#3 — Choose the right platform.

Each platform has its own niche audience.

People on LinkedIn, for example, are perfect recipients for your B2B campaigns. With 756 million users worldwide, it’s the world’s largest professional network, ideal for building your brand’s reputation to that professional audience. Promotion of thought leadership content is ideal for this platform and its users.

TikTok, on the other hand, may work best when targeting a younger audience or as a B2C platform. With 1 billion active users in 2021, and as the sixth most popular social media platform worldwide, its growth has been exponential. While TikTok has already been embraced by many B2C brands, it’s slowly gaining interest in the B2B space, with organisations using it to showcase their culture and values in an eye-catching, accessible way.

With your objectives to hand, work out which platforms are likely to house the people you’d like to speak with.

Contact a professional

When you work with a team of communications and digital professionals, like ours at Transform, not only is a big bunch of work lifted from your shoulders, but the results are likely to start flooding in — sooner, rather than later. We live, breathe, swim, fly, and saunter this stuff. Get in touch and let’s create paid campaigns that really pay off.


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