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Transform is your Webflow design agency

Webflow is an in-browser tool that allows you to design, build, and launch detailed, responsive, and rather beautiful websites. But, with Webflow, you don’t sit in a matrix of code. Everything is done visually, so you can see what the final product will look like, providing the creative freedom, flexibility, and speed businesses need with their websites.

That’s why Webflow is the custom website development software of choice for Transform.

As a Webflow agency in the UK — and as part of our digital consultancy work in design, photography / videography, and digital marketing — we access its functionality to develop and constantly fine-tune client websites, as well as our own. Below, we share some of our work and answer any questions you may have about Webflow (and how we work with it).

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What does Webflow AI do?

Webflow has adopted the power of artificial intelligence (AI). While there’s work to be done in deciphering AI’s impact on both design and development, it’s nothing short of remarkable that, provided you’re able to clearly describe precisely what you want, we now have the ability to design complex website components in moments simply by asking for it with enough detail.What does this mean we can offer you by utilising Webflow AI?

• Improved accessibility. While accessibility is central to every piece of content we produce, the ability to include it in every prompt we provide helps us consider things that otherwise may not have come to mind. Tweaked colour combinations from your brand books, auto-generated image alt tags, and so much more.

• Translate content into different languages. Need to create websites tailored to clients and customers around the world? In an instant, we can change content to read in another language and create new pages that you can proudly use in targeted email campaigns, social media posts, and more.

• Big and small changes, immediately. Speed is, arguably, the main benefit with AI. We can generate single elements or implement entire site changes with a simple prompt. This is particularly handy when making styling and content changes to multiple elements at once.

Ultimately, AI-generated content is only as good as its prompt and the development environment in which the content is dropped into. The human orchestrating the creative process will, therefore, always matter.

Want to know what we could do for you? Get in touch with our team today.

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How much does Webflow cost?

Webflow offer a variety of pricing options — starter, core, growth, and enterprise at the time of writing — depending on the size and requirements of the business using them.

With Transform, we host your website on our server to save on costs, then manage the site for you to make sure boxes don’t catapult across the page and make quick improvements where required.

To let us know what you were thinking, get in touch with our team today.

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What Webflow plugins are there?

There’s a whole library of customisable Webflow plugins you could add to your website. The list is always growing and changing, but from analytics to forms, content migration to CRM, we’re sure to find what you had in mind.

To let us know what you were thinking, get in touch with our team today.

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What are Webflow forms?

Forms are one of the most powerful tools to include on your website. They capture information efficiently, start relationships with your target audience, and generate leads. Using Webflow, we’re able to fully customise and optimise your forms to suit your needs.These might include any of the following:

• application form
• registration form
• newsletter sign-ups
• payment form
• contact form
• survey form

With each form, there’s the option to include text boxes, checkboxes, upload file buttons, and numerous other elements you may need.

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What alternatives are there to Webflow?

As with all services, custom website development presents a bounty of options to consider — ultimately, it comes down to what you want and your business needs. At Transform, we’re comfortable working with any custom web development software, but we primarily recommend Webflow for all the reasons above.We’d recommend doing your research, including comparison reviews against WordPress, Framer, Wix, and more — like ours below.