PSI's animated educational videos building test taker confidence

Discover how PSI Services partnered with Transform Digital to create engaging animated educational videos that explain the testing process, providing confidence to test takers worldwide.

The Brief

PSI Services is a leader in the assessment industry, providing various solutions worldwide to measure, assess, and identify the skills, traits, and abilities of individuals seeking jobs, degrees, and licensure or certification credentials. Through both authorised testing centres and their state-of-the-art online test administration platform, PSI ensures security and fairness for all their test takers.

But taking a test or exam is stressful — and remote testing is new for many test takers. As a global business, PSI needed to communicate the testing process in a way that would be universally understood.Their existing videos were dated and not engaging test takers, so we partnered with our sister company, Transform Comms, to create a series of friendly animations to explain the testing process.



The Solution

We created a concise script that gave test takers confidence in the process without overloading them with information. As the animations were going to be watched across the globe by people of all abilities and languages, it was important for us to make the content as accessible as possible.

Once the script was approved, we developed an animation style that utilised PSI’s iconography to visually represent any complicated processes. Transitions were kept simple and text transitions slow to ensure those with lower cognitive abilities — or where English was not their native language — would not be excluded. Key messages also had the text included onscreen so if subtitles and sound were not enabled, viewers could still understand the messaging.