LinkedIn ads campaign so good LinkedIn asked how we did it

Discover how our LinkedIn ads campaign for CHC Global achieved remarkable results, capturing LinkedIn's attention. Learn how we increased brand awareness and drove traffic to their website.

The brief

CHC Global is a malicious risk insurance company and team of strategic advisors, supporting organisations and individuals to better understand and manage their risk. 

They were looking to diversify services and brought new senior management onboard to strengthen their advisory practice. Following a new brand and website, our brief was to develop LinkedIn ads campaigns to reach new international audiences. Our objective was to raise awareness about the importance of identifying and mitigating malicious risks.


The solution 

To promote CHC Global’s thought leadership content, we delivered a series of targeted LinkedIn ads.Campaigns were targeted to different job roles and functions within specific sectors.

LinkedIn gives the option to advertise to selected demographics, which we choose based on the client’s target audience and campaign goals. This includes factors such as age, job seniority, job roles and gender. LinkedIn also offers users the option to refine the audience by targeting specific behaviours and interests.

By forming a deeper understanding of CHC’s company vision and business goals, we were able to select a campaign objective that provided short-term return on investment, as well as build towards overarching long-term objectives. Campaign objectives make a significant difference to performance, so are a vital element to get right.

[]Image alt text: Screenshot of a LinkedIn company page for 'CHC Global'. The page header shows the company's logo, a description indicating the firm specialises in insurance with 915 followers and is based in London. Below the header, there's a post by CHC Global highlighting the importance of protecting organisations.]

The results 

Our goal for CHC’s LinkedIn ads campaign was to direct traffic to the CHC website. Increasing downloads of thought leadership and increasing brand awareness of CHC’s advisory practice and insurance services in the complicated and sensitive arena of malicious risks. The results speak for themselves.

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