LinkedIn ads agency – Transform Digital’s success story with Olivier Mythodrama.

See how Transform Digital, a leading LinkedIn ads agency, helped Olivier Mythodrama reach new audiences in San Francisco and Atlanta through highly targeted LinkedIn ads, achieving impressive results.

The brief

Olivier Mythodrama, a global leadership training provider, had great traction with clients in the USA but wanted to reach new senior HR audiences in specific locations. The idea of a series of experiential events to showcase their renowned training was born. The challenge was how to get in front of core audiences in top companies in San Francisco and Atlanta. With a very tight timeframe of just six weeks from conception to event.  

The solution

As part of an integrated agency campaign, Transform Digital recommended LinkedIn ads that were super targeted to the key audiences in San Francisco and Atlanta.

Utilising messaging we devised and videos we created, our LinkedIn ads brought Olivier Mythodrama’s unique training to life. Clearly communicating the benefits of attending an in-person event.

Olivier Mythodrama event Promo
Olivier Mythodrama event Promo

The results

We targeted specific audiences in Atlanta and San Francisco, giving a full breakdown of audiences with recommended spend allocation.

The performance of our LinkedIn ads was constantly monitored, with reviews of metrics like Click Through Rate (CTR), Cost Per Click (CPC) and leads generated. A/B ad testing was conducted to refine the campaign and improve performance with a series of different ads tested, including graphics and people-oriented ads. LinkedIn video ad campaigns were set up and used for both awareness and retargeting warm leads. As the events approached, we broadened our reach to a wider demographic of HR and L&D job roles in target companies.

With a super targeted campaign our reach was 117,649 with a total engagement rate of 1.18% with clicks through to the event booking page (average LinkedIn CTR 0.44%). Videos were the highest performing campaign and clearly demonstrated the benefits of Olivier Mythodrama’s unique approach to learning and development.