Legal Marketing World magazine

How we designed a legal marketing magazine that elevates the voice of legal marketers.

Two tablet screens the cover and an inner page of the first issue of Legal Marketing World.

The brief

Our client wanted to create a publication that filled the journalistic gap for legal marketing professionals. Most legal publications targeted Partners and Associates in law firms, covered landmark legal cases and news, or had a regional focus — there were very few options for legal marketing professionals wanting to share their expertise in an independent industry publication, or for those seeking insight.  

Partnering with our sister company, Transform Communications, we not only created a magazine from scratch, but an entirely new brand that offers a fresh, approachable perspective and elevates the voice of legal marketers.

A black Legal Marketing World logo sits on a cream background, and a white logo sits on a green background. The text “Elevating the voice of legal marketing professionals.” sits below on an orange background.

The solution

Steering away from the traditional, stale, and corporate idea of legal marketing, we embraced colour and cutting-edge topics to produce an inclusive and educational magazine. The final design offers a combination of authority, due to the font’s traditional serif typeface softened by rounded edges, and playfulness, with its bright retro-modern colours. This fresh identity suggests trustworthiness to engage and attract readers, whether they expect a traditional magazine or want something modern and new.  

Feedback from readers has been overwhelmingly positive. Praise from LinkedIn mentions the ‘incredible insights’ and ‘highly interesting content’ found in the publication, while shares and comments from contributors and legal marketing professionals alike continue to flood in.

And the stats don’t lie! Within a week of publishing our first issue:

  • the magazine was downloaded 177 times via the website landing page.
  • the landing page was ranked third on Google for ‘legal marketing magazine’.
  • the first LinkedIn post from Legal Marketing World had 296 total impressions, with a 12.5% engagement rate, and a 9.8% Click Through Rate (CTR) — a week later, the magazine’s launch post had 744 impressions, a 22.98% engagement rate and a 11.56% CTR.

Read the first issue here.

A green strip shows pages from the first issue of Legal Marketing World. An orange strip below shows the brand’s LinkedIn page and four social media posts. Below are the four brand colours; Midnight Black, Tropical Green, Mandarin Yellow and Grenadine Pink.
Pictured on the left is Daniel Kidd, Co-founder & Director of Kidd Aitken Legal Marketing. He is a middle age white man with a dark brown hair, smiling at the camera. The quote reads “Because such a publication didn’t exist before this, Transform had to be quite creative and innovative in their approach and design. They didn’t have a template to go off. This was very much a completely fresh idea and they did a great job.”