Kidd Aitken ESG website & brand

Creating an ESG brand specialising in law firms.

The homepage of the Kidd Aitken ESG website mocked up on a white laptop in the centre. On the right is a white phone showing a pencil drawing of a team member from the about page.

The brief

Our long-term client, Kidd Aitken Legal Marketing, approached us with a new business offering: to embed environmental, social, and governance (ESG) values into the fabric of leading international law firms.  

Kidd Aitken Legal Marketing has advised over 300 law firms across the globe to achieve top rankings in the world’s largest legal directories and awards. Seeing a gap in the market, Kidd Aitken ESG would assist law firms in creating ESG programmes, a vital framework for the future. However, they didn’t want to confuse this new venture with their core business.

Our challenge was to create a separate brand that complemented Kidd Aitken as an umbrella company. Working with our sister company, Transform Communications, we developed Kidd Aitken ESG’s brand positioning, identity, and website.

The dark and light version of the Kidd Aitken ESG logo are featured at the top. At the bottom is the tagline 'Change beyond compliance' on a red background.

The solution

ESG is about more than saving the environment (though it includes that, too). For breadth, we avoided green colours and opted for earthy tones instead. We carried this thinking across to photography, with mountainous landscapes and natural textures. Combined with a minimal yet clear visual language, the final design offers a natural and contemporary take on ESG.  

While maintaining Kidd Aitken Legal Marketing’s legacy angled shapes and minimalist feel, Kidd Aitken ESG now stands out as an industry leader in the making — and the stats don’t lie. One week after launching the website, they saw a 18% increase in LinkedIn follows and received enquiries via the website contact form straight away.

A mixture of Kidd Aitken ESG branding. The top third shows photography style (desert and natural textures) and the logomark. The middle section is the 'Product & Services' page shown on a tablet, alongside other section of the website. The bottom section shows the colour palette - charcoal, slate, terracotta and sand.

As well as Kidd Aitken ESG’s new website, and a talking head video series to give potential clients different ways to learn more, we simultaneously launched Kidd Aitken Legal Marketing's new website — this, too, saw a spike in engagement with a 17% increase in site visits and 5,000 more impressions on Google search in its first week.

Two portrait images shown side by side. The left side shows Kidd Aitken ESG's LinkedIn page. The right side shows an A5 flyer created for a Legal Marketing Associations event.
A written testimony from our client, Matthew Cipsey, Director & Sustainability Consultant at Kidd Aitken ESG. To the left is his headshot. His is a blonde, white, man in his 30s, smiling at the camera. The testimony reads "The quality of the finished site is testament to Transform's commitment. They didn't just come up with a great design (though the did that, too) - they weaved in elements of our team's personality to make sure the site was a real reflection of us collectively".