Hodge Clemco's quality blasting equipment showcased through stunning videography and photography.

Discover how we transformed Hodge Clemco's heritage and quality blasting equipment through breath-taking videography and photography.

The brief

Hodge Clemco is the UK’s leading supplier of quality blasting equipment and abrasive materials. As part of Hodge Clemco’s new website – that we’re currently building – we recommended highlighting hero products and equipment. We’re showcasing the history and heritage of Hodge Clemco, creating a new brand style through stunning videography and photography.

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The solution

Proudly based in Sheffield, Hodge Clemco has multiple manufacturing and warehousing facilities. During a site visit we scouted the best locations and liaised closely with internal teams to identify the equipment and materials we wanted to showcase on Hodge Clemco’s new website.

The results

Meticulous planning followed, enabling us to film and photograph a phenomenal number of assets in just two days. We used specialist slow motion cameras to capture the blasting process. Equipment was painted in new brand colours and specialised lighting showed Hodge Clemco products at their very best.

There were raised eyebrows when the camera crew started throwing water on the warehouse floor. But the results speak for themselves. Wonderful reflections add a depth and new dimension to the finished videography and photography.