Driving Change: Hosting a Large Business Forum in Partnership with University of Bath

Discover how Transform and University of Bath partnered to bring together business leaders for discussions on Environmental Social Governance (ESG) at a successful large business forum.

The brief

To drive positive change in Bath and North East Somerset our sister company Transform ESG partnered with University of BathBath & North East Somerset (BANES) Council, and Action Net Zero. Transform Digi supported the venture through videography before, during and after the event.

Our initial brief was to create a video that highlighted the forum and our aim to bring together the largest businesses around Bath & North East Somerset to discuss, collaborate and share how they action Environmental Social Governance (ESG) in their own organisations.

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The solution

We created a promotional video featuring Transform’s director Daniel O’Connor. This video sets the scene for the large business forum. This was utilised across all the partner’s social media channels and in personalised email invitations to selected business leaders.



Dan also took to the streets of Bath to interview residents, business owners and visitors and identify what they knew about the need to reach net zero and their understanding of ESG. This clearly identified a gap in knowledge and understanding.



The results

The forum was a tremendous success. The room was filled with nearly 100 business leaders from the largest organisations in and around Bath & North East Somerset.  

Following the event, Transform and Action Net Zero were approached by the University of Bath to run a programme of events for large employers to connect businesses with students and academics supported by local authorities and the West of England Combined Authority. Creating an action-oriented group that will empower change, retain vital skills and talent and contribute to a healthier and ecologically sustainable region.

These events are launching in 2024. Look out for further news.

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