CHC Global’s refreshed brand identity and digital experience

Creating a brand identity and digital experience in the malicious risk sector.

Four single pages of CHC Global’s brand identity book on a dark grey background.

The brief

CHC Global is a strategic malicious risk advisor, helping protect people, assets, and operations from the impact and consequences of hostile actions across the world. While holding onto an already well-established offering, they wanted to improve marketing effectiveness through their brand positioning, identity, and website.

CHC Global operates as a nexus of malicious risks, providing advisory solutions within an insurance context. In a complex market, our challenge was to create a brand that was profoundly engaging, yet simple. Our sister company, Transform Communications, initially ran a brand development workshop with CHC Global. This directed us towards our solution: refresh the brand identity, website, then create a video series and digital marketing campaign — seen through the very particular lens of their British, ex-military heritage.

A black CHC Global logo sits on a white background, and a white logo sits on a red background. The text “CHC Global – Setting the standard.” Sits below on a green background.

The solution

The pentagram we designed represents CHC Global’s five values: independence, expertise, integrity, discretion, and respect & loyalty — this became a key visual tool when developing the full brand into something far more distinctive, alongside British heritage colours (Racing Green, for example) and a crisp font to mimic the crystal-clear nature of service they aim to provide.

Our video series saw employees speak eloquently about the complexity of their industry. This helped to build CHC Global’s brand credibility, educate existing and potential clients, and boost SEO.

 The website landing page hero image shows on a screen. A full-page view sits on the right behind it. Below are the four brand colours; Veronica Veridian, Rich Mahogany, Fantana Fern and Baxter Grey.

As part of this project, we created content for and delivered a paid social campaign on LinkedIn where a large portion of their target audience is. The goal was to promote CHC Global’s case studies and drive traffic to their new website. Their profile saw an increase in page views and organic clicks, while website traffic and levels of engagement notably increased, too. Here’s what they saw:

  • LinkedIn engagement: 29% increase in page views, 15% increase in organic clicks
  • Cost per click (CPC): £3.04 (global benchmark: £4.64)
  • Website engagement: 29% increase in traffic, 43% increase in engaged sessions

View CHC Global’s live website here.

On the left someone holds a phone showing CHC Global’s LinkedIn profile. On the right are several landscape LinkedIn graphics from a recent paid social media campaign.
Pictured on the left is Chris Holt, CEO of CHC Global. He is a middle age white man with a short beard, smiling at the camera. The quote reads: “I can only compare being rebranded to someone throwing out your wardrobe. I have to say, I much prefer our new clothes and I’m genuinely grateful for the work you’ve all put in.”