Cats love Catipilla and their furniture is easily installed.

Showcasing the easy installation of their much loved cat furniture, we invited Catipilla and their furry clients to put our studio and videographers to the test. What do they say about working with animals?

The brief

Since their public launch in 2018, Catipilla have redefined cat furniture. With our furry companions’ best interests at heart, they design customised and innovative products that adapt to our home environments, as well as promising easy installation and the use of eco-friendly materials.

Catipilla needed to show how loved their furniture is and showcase just how easy it is to install.

The solution

For our inaugural shoot on our own studio premises, we invited the Catipilla team and their furry friends to record the cats at play and the step-by-step installation process. We dressed several sets in the studio, so the cats could be shown in a range of settings with the furniture, highlighting to the consumer how user-friendly and adaptable this furniture is.

We’re not sure what they say about working with animals, but the day was a huge success.  

The results

We combined footage from the day into a hero video for Catipilla’s website, alongside still photography and step-by-step video installation guides for consumers to refer to once they purchased a product.

“They’ve been really instrumental in helping us grow – in fact, in the last 12 months we grew by over 300% and a lot of that is due to the great work that Ronnie and the team have done with us.”
Andy Sutton, Founder, Catipilla