Anderson’s Curious Investor’s Guide to series

An accessible, digestible alternative to dry financial advice.

Front cover the Curious Investor’s Guide to Financial Wellbeing at Work. It features a white man and woman standing on a manufacturing floor in deep discussion.

The brief

Our sister company, Transform Communications, worked with Anderson Financial Management on a content marketing and PR strategy — the aim was to stand out in their competitive market, embody their key values, and extend their reach to specific audiences across the South West. Many of Anderson’s clients approached the team after a significant change in their life circumstances, when people most often feel alone, and were in need of greater support — a key company value was helping those in need in the community.

After seeing a gap in the market for accessible, impartial financial advice and personal testimony, the Curious Investor’s Guide to series was born. What better way to support a wide-ranging audience, potentially going through the toughest period in their lives?

Various spreads of the Curious Investor’s Guide to Financial Wellbeing at Work.

The solution

Going against the grain of dry financial advice, the guides combine impartial advice with personal experience to make relatable content. With a magazine-style design — clear pull quotes, graphics, and photography of Anderson’s team, clients, and experts rather than stock content – it makes for a compelling reading experience. Post-launch, Anderson saw an increase of engagement which included more funds under management and new clients. Here’s some of the great results achieved:

  • Organic visits to their LinkedIn page increase by 39% during the first four months after their first issue of Curious Investor’s Guide to series was published.
  • The paid campaign on LinkedIn notably increased website visits with an average click-through rate of 0.57% (industry standard is 0.44%).
  • The Curious Investors’ Guides to landing page is the sixth most visited page on the Anderson website.

Read the Curious Investor’s Guide to series here.

A white man holding a magazine open showing an inner page of the Curious Investor’s Guide to Financial Wellbeing at Work. It features an East Asian woman working in an office with quotes surrounding her.
Pictured on the left is Anthony Anderson, Founder of Anderson Financial Management. He is a middle age white man with short brown hair, a short beard, wearing glasses and smiling at the camera. The quote reads “We are delighted with the end product, which has gone above and beyond the brief to provide a really valuable piece of content, which has already started to have a positive impact on the target markets.”