June 3, 2024

Video Marketing FAQs

The blog post explains what video marketing is and why it's important, answering all of your video marketing questions.

Video Marketing FAQs

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is a powerful, accessible tool to promote your businesses products or
services — increasing brand awareness, connecting with a wider audience. A recent study
conducted by the Kings College London shows that 49% of the British public say that they
feel their attention span is shorter than it used to be, highlighting that short, snappy, eye
grabbing content is the new way forward to capture the attention of an audience.

This type of marketing can vary. It might be clips on social media to grab attention and
create excitement, detailed demonstrations of your product, or educational videos that
position you as an industry expert. Videos are flexible and can operate across multiple
channels, for example, social media, websites, or a live event.

Does video marketing work?

The simple answer - yes. Videos not only build a connection with the audience, but also make
your business more memorable.

One of the main strengths of video marketing is its ability to quickly deliver a lot of
information in an engaging and visually appealing way. Videos are key in communicating
complex ideas and emotions and are often more effective than text or images alone, making
it an excellent tool for storytelling.

The growth of video-friendly platforms has amplified this, allowing accessibility for
businesses of any size. Using video in your marketing strategy can help to more effectively
engage your audience, enhance brand visibility, and achieve results.

Do you have to make videos for affiliate marketing?

No, but it's a good idea to include them in your strategy. Videos are a powerful way to show
off products, explain their benefits, and share personal recommendations. They make
promotions more interesting and can attract more people to buy what you're
recommending, which can increase revenue.

Creating videos for affiliate marketing gives your brand a unique personality and showcases
the people behind the product, an element that most individuals will make their decision to
invest upon based on this factor alone.

Videos also help to build trust with an audience. When people get valuable tips from your
videos, they see your business as more credible, meaning they are more likely to trust your
advice. Plus, using platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook casts a wider net to
your audience who may be interested in recommendations and reviews.

How can video marketing help your business?

Video marketing can significantly elevate your business in several ways:

Increased engagement: Videos grab attention more effectively than just text or images.
They engage both sight and sound, keeping viewers interested and involved.

Higher revenue: Showcasing your products or services in action helps potential customers
and clients to see your value, which can lead to increased revenue. A good video can often
convince clients more effectively than other types of ads.

Emotional connection: Tell the story. This can build loyalty to your brand and encourage
people to share your content, widening your audience.

Improved SEO: Videos can help your website to rank better in search engines. Google, for
example, favours content that keeps viewers engaged longer, like videos. Plus, videos can
lead to more external links on your site, which boosts SEO.

Broader reach: Videos are adaptable across many platforms, from YouTube to social media,
to your own website. They can be repurposed in different campaigns and tailored for
different audiences, making your marketing efforts go further.

Clearer information:
Videos can make complex information easier to understand. Through
how-to guides, tutorials, and demos, they can educate your clients about what your business
offers. Remaining clear about your offering will ensure that the right audience is being

Increased trust: Personal videos, like client testimonials, can make your brand more
trustworthy. Seeing real people or behind the scenes of your business makes clients and
customers more likely to trust you.

Stand out from your competition: Videos give your business an edge over competitors. A
compelling video that highlights what makes your brand special can set you apart in
crowded markets.

How much does video marketing cost?

The cost of video marketing can vary, depending on what's required.

Production scale and quality: If you're making a simple video yourself with a smartphone, it
might cost very little (or even nothing) if you already have the right equipment and
software. But for a professional video with scripting, special effects, and high-quality editing,
the costs can be higher.

Video length: Longer videos take more time to film and edit, which can increase costs. It's
important to think carefully about the video's purpose to choose the right length without
spending more than necessary. For prompted, but unscripted content allow at least one
hour of filming per person for every two to five minutes of useable footage.

Frequency of production: If you plan to make many videos, producing them in batches or
signing a contract for multiple videos could be cheaper than paying for each one individually.
Marketing and distribution: There are also costs involved in the marketing and sharing of
your video, especially if you use paid ads on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.
Additional costs: You might also need to budget for music rights, location fees, storing video
files, and renting extra equipment.

Overall, video marketing costs can range from very low for DIY projects to several thousand
pounds for high-end professional videos. It’s important to set a budget that fits your
marketing goals and expected return on investment.

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