July 5, 2021

Setting up a new digital company during COVID-19

We had the idea to launch a sister company to Transform Communications back in November 2019.

Setting up a new digital company during COVID-19

We had the idea to launch a sister company to Transform Communications back in November 2019. But work – and life – was busy. Then COVID-19 hit. As the months stretched on, we had the time to both bounce ideas around and start bringing the vision to reality.We started by assessing whether it was a good time to launch. As you’ll see these five reasons provided a strong enough argument to embark on launching Transform Digital Marketing Ltd.

Tight resources mean results need to deliver.

Businesses need to attract and retain new clients. Without opportunities for exhibitions, events and networking, companies are turning to marketing to increase their presence. And digital marketing becomes even more important.

Take the lead and prosper.

Not everyone maintains their marketing and communications during a crisis, but choosing to keep going while others go quiet can be a wise move. There will be people out there who want to take the lead. Digital marketing encompasses a whole set of solutions. Our audits, strategies, and clear objectives will help ensure that our digital marketing techniques are straightforward and accountable.

A single message carries more weight.

It’s a crowded market out there and messaging needs to punch through the noise. Research shows that, as consumers, we must see a brand, or hear a specific message, at least seven times before we recall it. Creating a single, powerful message that works across multiple channels will help prospective customers see, hear and remember brands.

Content is king.

We come from a content background, so we know the power of engaging content. We know how to create content, on a regular basis, that really grabs attention and raises your profile. With Transform Digital Marketing we use different channels to connect clients to their market and get their message out.

Connections not just clicks.

We all get a buzz when we get likes and hits on social media. From when we see traffic to our website going up to our followers on LinkedIn increasing. But these are just vanity statistics. To make digital marketing work properly, we will bring potential customers through the virtual doors of businesses. To make sure people ‘connect’ and not just click. We enable business owners to demonstrate the values that their business lives by. Because connections come through trust.It was these five reasons that gave us confidence to launch Transform Digital Marketing in October 2020. And that confidence is paying off. We’ve secured a partnership with the property industry’s review platform and most prestigious awards, the ESTAS. We’re also launching campaigns for the world’s largest legal directory submissions company and a new Fintech company.Business is tough for many of us during COVID-19. But with confidence, creativity and the right digital marketing company at your side, you can transform your business at any time.This article first appeared in the Feb/Mar Issue 2021 of The Business Exchange


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