November 7, 2020

The five reasons we set up Transform Digital Marketing - #1

At first glance, launching Transform Digital Marketing in a global pandemic might not seem like the most obvious move.

The five reasons we set up Transform Digital Marketing - #1

At first glance, launching Transform Digital Marketing in a global pandemic might not seem like the most obvious move. Especially with the resultant economic slowdown it’s going to bring. But the team behind Transform Digital Marketing has often challenged conventional marketing wisdom. Consider our five reasons for setting up Transform Digital and we think you’ll see a compelling argument for embarking on this new venture. Even in the current climate.

By Veronica Hannon, Co-Founder

Tight resources mean results need to deliver

To meet the challenges of the next few years, businesses will need to be a lot smarter about utilising their time and resources. One area where this is most pertinent is marketing. No business will be able to attract and retain new clients and customers without a cohesive marketing strategy and a budget that works hard.

Both money and human resources are likely to be tight for the foreseeable future. Organisations can’t to afford to waste either on marketing tactics that don’t deliver the results.

That’s where we come in. I’ve had over twenty-five years’ experience in PR and marketing. The world has changed considerably since I was headhunted from my editorial position at EMAP to become a bright young PR professional.

Digital marketing didn’t exist at this point. Few people even understood what the internet was. I’ve experienced a lot of change in my career, but I’ve also grown from it. Grown both as a person and an entrepreneur.

That’s why the team we’ve put together at Transform Digital has never been better placed to meet the unique marketing needs of businesses. Especially as we gear up for the challenges of tomorrow.

Launching Transform Digital Marketing

This belief was the foundation of the conversations that led my colleague, Daniel O’Connor, and I to come up with five reasons why this is the perfect time to launch Transform Digital. We’re going to explore each reason in a separate blog post over the next five days.

Each reason is based on the common complaints we hear from clients regarding their digital marketing programmes. We'll look at the solutions we’ve come up with to address those issues.

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#1. I’m Disheartened by Digital

Many of the clients we encounter at our sister company Transform Communications have already employed the services of one or more digital service providers. These providers made big claims that they often failed to deliver on. As my father used to say,

“I was promised the Earth and I ended up with these buckets of mud.”  

This disappointment didn’t come from the provider’s lack of competence, they were often experts in their field. It arose from the fact that they offered a very specific service in a ‘one size fits all’ deal. Often their expertise did not fit the client’s need.

Every organisation has unique demands for their marketing and what works for one will not necessarily work for another. Neither the client nor the agency had the perspective to see where digital solutions should work within the overall marketing strategy of the company. This led to both parties being disappointed in the results.

At Transform Digital we not only understand all the different digital marketing options that are open to your business, we also understand what marketing strategies and tactics will best suit your organisation.

That’s why we can find the right solutions, at the right time, to meet the specific needs of your business. We have a huge digital toolkit as well as an expert understanding of integrated marketing. We tailor our digital solutions to suit the budget and needs of your business. You never need to be disheartened by digital again.

In our next entry, we’ll explore the second reason we set up Transform Digital.


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