November 10, 2020

The five reasons we set up Transform Digital Marketing - #4

As we near the end of our series of blogs on why we founded Transform Digital

The five reasons we set up Transform Digital Marketing - #4

As we near the end of our series of blogs on why we founded Transform Digital, I’d like to look at an issue we encounter with many of our clients. So much so, that I thought it was worth addressing on our blog. It's about the importance of content for digital marketing. This is an area where we link closely with our sister company Transform Communications.

#4. How Do I Create Great Digital Marketing Content?

Content is king when it comes to digital marketing. We know we should be tweeting, posting and blogging as much as possible. The problem is finding something to say. There are only so many pictures of products, or staff members doing their job, that we can post. We might want to increase our online presence, but deciding how to go about that, can be complex and confusing. Especially when there are so many other demands on our time.Even if we do manage to post on a regular basis, getting your customer base to engage with your posts is even more difficult. It’s easy to get despondent when you take to social media to launch a new service package or event, only to find you can’t even get your friends and family to like your posts. So, how do you create content, on a regular basis, that really grabs attention and raises your profile?

You're more than what you offer

At Transform Digital, we know that your business is about far more than the services you offer or the products you produce. It’s every bit as much about the way you do business and who you do business with. It’s about the type of workplace and culture you create for your staff. Ultimately, it’s about why you’re in the business you’re in, and what impact you have on the world around you.These are the things that get us out of bed in the morning. That get us excited to go into work. To push forward the many things we want to make happen. That we get excited about sharing with our colleagues and our friends. So, this is what you should be using to create content. Find the things you’re passionate about and the content will create itself.When I and my colleagues work with clients on creating content for a digital marketing campaign, this is where we start. We look at the things that set your organisation apart from your competitors. We look at the ways you’d like to influence the field in which you work. The things you want to be known for, and the things you believe everyone should know about you.

Digital Content Marketing

Create once, use multiple times

Once we’ve identified these themes, we set about translating them into content that can be used across multiple platforms. We can help you write posts for your own blog or guest posts for other popular blogs in your field. We can turn your ideas into engaging and entertaining videos for Youtube and other visual channels. We can get as deep and complex as white papers and thought leadership campaigns, or as fun and impactful as memes and gifs.Once you have this initial content, there are so many ways you can share and reshare it. I always tell clients to ‘create it once, share it multiple times’. Any piece of content can be repurposed for a whole variety of online channels, to be shared and re-shared across your whole online presence. We’ll ensure it not only engages your target market but is tied into your overall marketing strategy. So it generates the leads you need to justify the time and resources you’ve put into it.Working with Transform Digital and our expert content writers at Transform Communications, you’ll find that creating content isn’t scary and it won’t be a chore. We’ll give a voice to your organisation and find those things that you want to shout from the rooftops. Helping a business achieve this, is what we’re passionate about. Just one of the reasons why we founded Transform Digital. Get in touch to learn more, and we promise you’ll never be stuck for content again.