November 9, 2020

The five reasons we set up Transform Digital Marketing - #3

The third in our series of posts looking at the reasons we set up Transform Digital Marketing.

The five reasons we set up Transform Digital Marketing - #3

The third in our series of posts looking at the reasons we set up Transform Digital Marketing. In the previous post, my co-founder Daniel O’Connor spoke about the problems of selecting and briefing a digital provider. In this post, I’m going to look at another question that we often hear when talking with clients. A question that is very pertinent to our last post. This time it's about an integrated approach to digital marketing.

#3. How Do I Streamline and Integrate my Digital Marketing?

As Daniel pointed out, many businesses employ more than one provider to deliver their digital marketing. It can be difficult to find one agency that answers all your digital marketing needs. Because it involves a lot of specialist knowledge and specialist skills.Working with multiple providers means working to multiple agendas. And often putting out multiple messages.

  • Your SEO expert will guide you towards messages that will take your website to the top of Google rankings.
  • Whereas your pay-per-click and paid social media providers will steer you towards features, articles and blogs that work as click-bait. In order to drive the maximum traffic to each item you’re promoting.
  • The person running your social media accounts will insist on posts that win followers, boost your signal and increase your influence. As that’s how success is measured in that arena.

Bringing everyone into line and getting them all to sing from the same hymn sheet can be as frustrating as teaching cats to line dance.

A single message across multiple channels

Even if you do find one single agency to handle all your digital marketing needs, you can still run into problems. They will still have a specific agenda, and a set of metrics to prove their success. This might not align with the work of your marketing and PR team. If you employ multiple agencies, they will all be keen to upsell you on the services and solutions they provide. They may see themselves as competing for a larger slice of the same marketing budget. This means that rather than having the agencies work in tandem, you run the risk of them competing to undermine one another to get a bigger share of each other’s retainer. This can even be the case when your traditional marketing department is in-house.Marketing is at its most effective when a single message is going out across multiple channels. When all your communications reinforce and reiterate one another. Research shows that we have to see a brand, or hear a specific message, at least seven times before we acknowledge it. This is why your prospective clients have to be seeing and hearing the same communications on every platform where they encounter you.What’s more, every owned, paid-for and organic post has to have the same call to action. It has to drive them back to the same place on your website. So that you can introduce them to your sales funnel and start converting all the time and money you’ve put into digital marketing to leads and sales. That, after all, is the main reason you’re doing this.

How we do it at Transform Digital Marketing

At Transform Digital we start with what you want to achieve. Whether that’s launching a new product, increasing your sales profile or taking your business to market. The marketing strategy we put together is aimed at realising your specific goals and targets.Once we have that sorted, we put together a hand-picked team of digital experts whose sole focus is on delivering the strategy you have agreed. In order to help you achieve all of your goals. We also offer full accountability. So you can see how your budget is being spent and measure the exact return on all of your investment.At Transform Digital we believe the time is right for a digital marketing agency that understands and appreciates your whole marketing agenda and the direction in which you’re taking your business. That’s why I’m certain we offer the most comprehensively streamlined digital marketing, that’s so integrated into your business you’ll feel you’ve been working with us for years.


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