November 8, 2020

The five reasons we set up Transform Digital Marketing - #2

Launching a digital marketing agency in the middle of a pandemic might seem like a ballsy move

The five reasons we set up Transform Digital Marketing - #2

When I started at Transform Communications as an Associate Director, I spotted there was not only a growing demand for Digital Marketing, I could see there was a gap in the market. That’s why I took my idea to launch a digital marketing agency to CEO Veronica Hannon, and why she was quick to agree.

Take the lead and prosper

Launching a digital marketing agency in the middle of a pandemic might seem like a ballsy move. But not when you consider that the businesses best placed to prosper in the current climate, are those who make their marketing work harder and smarter. In today’s digital economy, this inevitably means digital marketing.

I spend a lot of time out in the marketplace, talking to organisations of all sizes, from multi-national companies to start-ups and SMEs. Nearly everyone knows they need some form of digital marketing. But nearly everyone has questions concerning, as one person put it,

“the darkest of the dark arts of marketing”.

It’s easy to understand why people might think this way about digital marketing. There are so many questions regarding what is, and what it does. It was hearing all these questions that gave us the idea for this series of blogs. In the last entry, Veronica looked at why people are often disappointed by their first experience with digital marketing. In this entry, I’m going to be looking at the following question, and how it encouraged us to set up Transform Digital.

#2. How Do I Select and Brief a Digital Agency?

You know you need digital marketing solutions. But there are so many providers out there and they all offer specialist services.

  • SEO providers promise to drive more traffic to your website.
  • Pay Per Click campaigns offer you more hits on your content.
  • While Paid Social Media guarantees you’ll increase your online influence.

Digital marketing is a wild frontier

Digital marketing is still a wild frontier. The digital landscape keeps changing and it’s hard to keep up with all the latest developments, So, how do you know which solution is going to work for your business, and which digital marketing agency or consultancy is best placed to provide it?

Many companies employ several different consultants as part of their digital marketing strategy. And they still aren’t certain they’re getting the best return on their investment. Businesses are often dependent on the provider to tell them what they need. There’s so much talk of search engines, algorithms and Google rankings that it’s hard to form a clear picture of what you need, let alone a clear strategy of how to implement it.

I’ve spoken to lots of organisations that don’t feel able to brief their digital marketing providers. They’re not certain what solutions are on offer, or what results those solutions will deliver. For this reason, they can feel like they’re not in control of the process. And they can’t see where their money’s going.

That’s where we come in.

We focus on what you want to achieve

We’ve launched businesses, grown businesses and sold businesses. We’ve worked with organisations at every stage of their business journey from start-up to exit strategy. This is the stuff we live and breathe. So many of our clients tell us – “you just get our business”. We speak your language. But we’re also marketing experts. And – we talk geek (almost fluently).

We take your business needs and translate them into digital marketing solutions. Then we put together your digital marketing dream team to deliver the results you need when you need them. If we don’t have the right person in-house, then we’ll source them for you at the right price.  

Think of us as your ‘one-stop-shop’. We take the pain out of digital marketing. And you’ll have total oversight of costs. So, you’ll not only know where every penny is going, you’ll be able to measure the results.

I’m confident that no other agency is better placed to provide this service. That’s why the time was right to launch Transform Digital.


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