June 30, 2022

How to herd cats: putting our new studio to use for Catipilla

Transform recently acquired a building, opposite our office, to act as our new video filming and recording studio.

How to herd cats: putting our new studio to use for Catipilla

In February 2022, we were approached by modern cat furniture manufacturer Catipilla, a long-standing client of our sister company Transform Communications. Our challenge was to create a series of videos to boost brand awareness and show users how to install Catipilla’s products. We created a brief for the project, using the insight of Andy Sutton, founder of Catipilla. This included:

  • The goals for the videos.
  • Where they would be shared and shown.
  • The vision and aesthetic.

The New Studio

Transform recently acquired a building, opposite our office, to act as our new video filming and recording studio. Opened in March 2022, the studio acts as a blank canvas for creators and businesses to use for their creative ideas. Catipilla’s requirements formed the basis of the perfect first video project for the new studio.


Transform Digital created five short instructional videos to guide viewers through the process of installing each featured Catipilla product. We also created a promotional showreel, to boost brand awareness and showcase Catipilla’s wide range of fantastic cat furniture products. Filming in mid-March 2022 and took place over three days. The first two videos were filmed in our studio, with the third on location in Wales. Not only to capture the fantastic range of exterior products in action, but also the wonderful Welsh countryside.

Day One

Filming the instructional video guides featured Andy taking the viewer through the process of installing each of their products. From scratchers to climbers and resting points. https://youtu.be/B6GrHtPZNhc

Day Two

The beginning of herding cats. We utilised a range of furniture, soft furnishings and other accessories to create a number of room sets including living rooms, bedroom and office environments at our studio for the showreel. Showcasing Catipilla’s stylish and modern range in a variety of settings as well as demonstrating how the cats interact with the products in situ. https://youtu.be/UCvEHmld3tw

Day Three

Transform Digital spent the day with the Catipilla team at their base in Wales. The site of where the first Catipilla products were installed (the outside wall of Andy’s home), filming concentrated on capturing the cats interacting with the furniture externally.  As well as the videos, we supplied additional assets, stills and imagery of the products – both with and without cats – for use across Catipilla’s website and social media platforms.


In the weeks since the videos were uploaded, the video series has collectively been viewed over 1,000 times on YouTube. The photos and video posted across Catipilla’s social media platforms have received over 100 engagements and an additional 1,000 views.  Not only have the videos succeeded in raising brand awareness for Catipilla but have also provided customers with easy-to-follow, guided tutorials on how to install Catipilla’s products.  “From a start of 18 months ago, we’ve been working with Transform Communications on all parts of our PR and digital marketing strategy and they’ve been really instrumental in helping us grow. In fact, in the last 12 months, we grew by over 250%. And a lot of that is down to the great work that Ronnie and the team have done with us.” - Andy Sutton, Founder of Catipilla [video width="640" height="336" mp4="https://transformdigi.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/Untitled.mp4"][/video]


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