January 9, 2023

Behind the scenes of our brand relaunch

There’s a lot of work behind the scenes of a brand relaunch. From logo and colour palettes, to copy, website build and more.

Behind the scenes of our brand relaunch

At Transform Digital, we say that we’re more than a lick of paint. But sometimes, a new lick of paint is needed. In the two years since we launched, we’ve grown into a new office, a new team, and a new visual identity. We’re pleased to say that we’re looking – and feeling – just like ourselves. But there’s more to a brand relaunch than hitting the big red button. From logo and website concepts, to design, build, and teaching the team the brand guidelines (no, George, we will never rotate the logo), there’s a lot of work behind the scenes of a brand relaunch.

Logo and colour palette rough designs

This was a complete relaunch for us: new colours, new logo, new everything – for ourselves as well as Transform Communications and Transform ESG. We needed to pick a logo and colours that would work well together and separately, as well as embody who we are: curious, vivid, with that extra touch of something.

Nick and George put their creative heads together and came up with a range of logos and palettes. From there, it was a process of elimination, and refinement, and refinement… you get the gist. We ended up with the elegant logo below, that demonstrates the transformations we deliver. Now for teaching the team how (and how not!) to use it…

We’re also proud to have created our first accessibility, diversity and inclusion (D&I) handbook for the team, as part of our rebrand. We’re passionate about accessibility and D&I and ensuring that everyone has access to, and feels represented in, the marketing industry. If you’re interested in learning more, read George’s blog on Designing for Diversity and Inclusion.

Website concepts, design and build

We believe that your website is your shop window. It should demonstrate who you are, what you do, and why you do it. We hope that this website communicates exactly that – in design and words.

As an integrated agency with sister business Transform Communications, we worked closely with their content writers to articulate our values, motivations and ambitions. By understanding the close relationship between words and design in the finished website – as with all our content – designers and copywriters worked together to ensure the user experience is as seamless as possible. It’s not a question of jamming words into design or vice versa. Instead, it’s a holistic process that encourages the natural development of both.


It’s time to hit the big red button, and we’ve been talking about our new branding and website ever since. We’re delighted with how we look and feel, and in the process we’ve learned lots about ourselves and our team’s talents.

But it’s never as simple as just pressing launch. There’s back-and-forth discussions about microcopy. There’s approval for concepts, and designs, and checks and double-checks. There are attempts to break the website, none of which succeeded. Only then can we hit the button – and even after that, there’s the social media and more campaigns to celebrate our new look.

One of our clients described rebranding as ‘someone throwing out your wardrobe and telling you to wear much smarter clothes’ – and now we know exactly the feeling! Luckily, we agree with the same client that we ‘much prefer our new clothes’. We’re looking, and feeling, just like ourselves.

If you’re interested in experiencing the rush of a brand relaunch yourself, have a chat with us today.


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