September 22, 2022

A day in the life of creative designer, Georgine Tucker

Creative and Graphic Designers often get asked exactly what we do.

A day in the life of creative designer, Georgine Tucker

Creative and Graphic Designers often get asked exactly what we do. What does a designer design? Is it logos? Is it magazines? Is it websites? The beauty of being a designer is that it’s all those things and more. Each day is a little different, each project with its own set of exciting challenges.Read on to find out what a typical day looks like for Georgine Tucker, Creative Designer.

First things first

Typically, after a morning commute hoping I don’t get stuck behind a tractor, I check my emails and to-do list. I use Milanote to track projects because I’m a sucker for a good-looking interface.Next up is our 9am ‘T Daily’ meeting. This is a chance to hear what everyone has on and pass on any relevant feedback before we get our heads down.Once the day’s tasks are worked out, it’s time to crack on.

Let the fun begin

How many projects I have on varies. Sometimes it’s lots of small design jobs for internal and external campaigns. Other times it’s a day of research and creative exploration for a branding project.I prefer to get smaller jobs done in the morning. This means I can give myself (mostly) uninterrupted design time in the afternoon for more time-intensive projects while we wait for client feedback.Mostly I focus on graphic related projects. Things like editorial design, thought-leadership, brochures, advertising, and branding. Roughly 60% of my week is spent working on the publications, 20% on smaller deliverables such as infographics or social media campaigns. 10% on branding projects and 10% on the all-important admin.

Staying inspired

Sometimes the creative juices just don’t deliver when you need them. When this happens, I find stepping away from my desk helpful. I like to get out on lunch for a walk or read by the river in summer. We’re very lucky our office is surrounded by gorgeous countryside making it easy to escape the digital world for half an hour and reset.I also use inspiration sites such as Behance or Pinterest when I’m truly stuck. We have a growing library of design reference books to warm any graphic designer’s soul.

Laptop off, what’s next?

Once the day is done and all tasks (hopefully) completed you’ll find me back at home enjoying screen-free time. Phone on mute, TV off and radio on. Having a job that means 8 plus hours of screen time a day, having an hour or two away from a screen in the evening has become vital to keep my sanity. And make sure my eyes don’t turn completely square.If you'd like one of George's daily tasks to be the creative design of your logo, publication - or anything else - get in touch with us. We'd love to chat!


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